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Updated: Nov 29, 2020


The general public doesn't know anything about the sport of Motocross anymore!

The general public doesn't see MX as something they could do anymore which is why its almost all second and third generation riders now days at local motocross tracks all around the country.

Most people these days have never tried riding a dirt bike and most people know very little about motocross racing...

The sport of motocross is dying at the grassroots level.

Are we all just gonna sit by and watch and do nothing & let it die? Let's start the Resurgence movement not just sit by.

Lets re-introduce the sport of motocross to America.

Let's start fresh and bring in new ideas relook at everything and find new ways to grow the sport!

I believe that even to be able to fully appreciate watching pro SX And MX you need to have ridden a dirt bike at some point in your life, to understand and get a feel for how heavy the bikes are and how much is really going on at one time, you have the clutch you have to be in the right gear, you have the throttle control, you have balance, and traction, your squeezing with your legs and more and all that just doesn't translate while watching if you have never ridden!

Most people don't even know that adults can ride and race the smaller dirt bikes like 110's , I believe that by marketing and focusing on smaller dirt bikes more people will start and once they have an interest in dirt bikes they will naturally want to move up to bigger faster bikes once they gain experience, there are large potential areas of the sport being missed or overlooked in my opinion.


The general public doesn't all know that riding motocross is good exercise and that it creates a desire to be in good shape, and most riders puts a focus on fitness and eating right also it teaches responsibility and sportsmanship.

Most people don't know that the small four stroke bikes are a lot less maintenance.

Most people don't know what a day at the track is like.

How it is like Tailgating or camping and it gets kids outside.

Motocross is a kick ass sport that is super fun! Just riding a dirt bike is super fun, but only the most extreme parts of it are shown on TV which brings the Aww factor but doesn't make it relatable.

Most people don't know that it creates friendships and brings families together.


I believe that if we want it to grow we need to go back to its roots and show the side of it that is relatable and show people that this is something they can do.

You can make small tracks on very little space and 2 people or more can have a blast all day racing each other on small bikes on a small corner track that's very easy to make and that is what we need to show to America. In the 70’s and 80’s it was common knowledge but its not anymore, there are forms of motocross that people can do and not have to worry if they are gonna make it to work on Monday.

I am planning to put an organized focus on growing the sport of motocross.

please join me


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