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Fresh New Thing

I can picture the sport of motocross sweeping the nation as the fresh new thing.

( Re-branded and re- introduced)

These days more than ever with some focus and strategy applied people can put things into the spotlight quickly and get people's attention, using creative marketing combined with an organized focus on Social media, podcasts, websites & videos, on YouTube, tik tok, Instagram & more. If we can all get on the same page and start working collectively on putting the things that will help the sport grow into motion.

American flat track racing is a an example it is having a resurgence, since people have put focused attention on a new strategy, And I absolutely believe this would be the case with Motocross.

(The grass grows where you water it)

I believe moto would be an even bigger resurgence.

I have strategy that I've worked on it for several years, I'm looking for people to work with to help start a resurgence to the sport.

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