Re introducing Motocross to America.

Updated: Oct 25, 2020

In the Early 1970's Motocross was booming.... The creation of mini motocross bikes had a lot to do with that, they were small easy to ride bikes that where affordable to most families.

Bikes like the Honda XR75 If you think about it these were the perfect bike for beginners, and in the 1970's they had racing classes and points series set up just for them. In my opinion there is a large void in the sport here in America now days.

You see As the bikes evolved they got faster and faster and lighter and more suspension travel, and the sport became more extreme, People didn't consider racing XR75's extreme, sure there was some danger and everyone knew that, but it was nothing like the general public thinks of it now.

Here is an interesting fact I heard in a podcast recently that when Brian Deegan's son Haiden Deegan (aka Dangerboy) wanted to start racing dirt bikes Brian wasn't gonna let him at first.

he said "this sport has really gotten gnarly and I came close to not letting him do because I didn't want him to get hurt"

He says it's evolved to a very elevated level, to hear an ex pro say that he was worried about letting his own kid ride really makes you think doesn't it? If Even Brian Deegan of all people is questioning if it's too dangerous for his son, What do you think the general public is thinking? It also doesn't help that only the most extreme stuff is shown on TV.

I am a die hard fan and I Love motocross even in its current form, but for a kid that's too old for a 50cc bike or for a young adult that has an interest but has never ridden a dirt bike before I believe that it has evolved to much, it's evolved to the point where there is really no place in the sport for Beginners, not even at the local level.

It's not an easy sport to get started in. Everyone in the industry says they want the sport to grow, but if it's ever gonna grow we need more beginners.

I have some solutions.

I plan to create a startup that is going to fill in the gaps by introducing less extreme options, and to use marketing to show it to the public.

I believe we can attract more new riders.

When is the last time you saw any type of commercial or a promotion of any kind to encourage new people to ride motocross?

Steve Jobs says everything in life is a remix.

I am working on a passion project that is about ways to grow the sport, stay tuned.





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