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The direction of motocross!

Updated: May 20, 2021

(Written pre Corona)

Let's think about & talk about the direction our sport is going and what direction we want it to go.


Let's ask all of the pioneers and people that have been influential in the sport lets ask them they're opinion about how things are evolving and what they think can be improved and ask what direction they think it should go?

What's being done now if anything isn't working.

The sport is basically dying at the local level are we all going to just stand by and do nothing and let it die? It's really only 2nd and 3rd gen riders now at the local races not new people. it's been declining for nearly 20 years

It seems like we are doing nothing but talking about it.


You reading this.

Do you think it could be improved?

Do you personally have ideas?


I Hear people in the industry all the time talking about the issues and sometimes even giving solutions but it seems like nobody is doing anything with those solutions, nobody is taking the necessary steps to fix the problems.

I think the people that are capable and have the right connections and clout needed are just to busy doing other things to really focus on it.

Personally I do think a lot of the issues we have are fixable and the ones that aren't could still be addressed and improved upon...


If you are reading this and you doubt that motocross could possibly have a resurgence, just look at some other areas in motorcycle racing that are seeing increased participation and having more success than MX is, like off road/ hare scrambles, and even American flat track. Are they more fun than MX? I guess that depends on who you ask but personally I prefer riding on a track, and I don't think people are going off road simply because they don't want to ride on a track.


I Think there are other reasons that people are going off road instead of MX as well, some to do with organization (the grass grows where you water it) like more seat time, and some to do with safety also people want more natural terrain track options, people like to watch, Supercross but not many people in the world could do a proper lap on a supercross track yet we make our outdoor tracks like that.

There is also a lack of marketing

Let's start fresh, lets bring in fresh ideas lets re-look at things and find ways to grow the sport.

I also want to start a podcast to discuss some the current issues, and doing interviews I would also like to share people's Moto stories from the past would you want to be a guest on a podcast?


I recently got some feedback from someone in a high ranking position in the sport.


("we don't have a problem the sport isn't dying just look at how many people are going to the supercross races.")

They don't think there is a problem, and that's probably part of the problem!

Lets Put an organized focus on growing the sport of motocross

Please join

Together we have a Voice.


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