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The Rise and Fall of MX in America

Updated: Apr 19

In the 1970's Motocross was thriving.

The sport of motocross

became wildly popular

in USA in the 1970's and

became a mainstream

sport, it was more common in the 70's

for a young boy to have tried

than not to have tried riding a dirt bike.

manufacturers where selling

as many as 1 million dirt bikes

per year by the late 1970's.

The dirt bikes at that

time where affordable, easy

to ride, and the sport wasn't as

dangerous or considered to be as

extreme back then.

But the sport hasn't aged well.

As it evolved and got refined the speeds got faster and the bikes became capable of more, so the jumps got bigger and bigger and

the horse power slowly went up.

However even with more horsepower they became easier to ride, which you would think is a good thing but being fast and easy to go fast on isn't great in a sport where people crash a lot.

(And the ground hasnt gotten softer!)

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