What are the reasons that the sport of Moto-x is less popular at the local level than it once was?

Updated: Oct 23, 2020

If you sat down and you worked on just that for 8 hours a day for several weeks by yourself in a room with a pen & paper and a computer do you think you could find some reasons for the decline?

pretty easy right.

If you spent hours and hours researching the history of the sport trying finding things that changed over the years within the sport and in life itself that may have had an effect on the sport could you find them all?

The obvious ones are

1. Cost/economy

2. Danger/ injuries

3. Lack of places to ride

4. Legal issues/Lawsuits

Then there's

4. Public Perception.

5. Evolution which really hasn't been very good for this sport

6. Track changes that made the tracks more extreme and much more capable bikes.

If you really did this you can come up with a lot more reasons.

If you did this and you wrote down all the changes over the years and all the reasons for the decline and had it all documented and then for the next couple weeks your goal was to find ways to grow the sport, and to find ways to overcome some of the challenges do you think that if you worked on this for weeks or months that you could come with Ideas?

Do you think you could put together a strategic plan that could possibly help turn things around and get the sport of motocross growing again ?

I actually did do this, I did it before the whole Corona pandemic so there are some differences like a spike in sales but in my opinion we still need some changes that will help with long-term growth particularly with participation at the local level.

I did come up with new ideas and put together a strategic plan.

I've gone as far as can go by myself now I am wanting to sit down with some knowledgeable people in the industry to get they're input,

(I am not saying I have all the answers but I do think I can add to the conversation)

I honestly think there are guys in the industry that are smart and could figure this out and probably come up with the best solutions, But in the past 20 years I haven't seen anyone take the time to do this. Successful people are busy!

The grass grows where you water it!


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