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Do what makes you feel fulfilled!

Updated: Oct 25, 2020

We all have a limited time on this earth, Spend it doing something you love.

I would like to think we are here on earth to enjoy ourselves but also to leave our mark on the world in some way, and to leave things a little better than we found them, for our kids and our grandkids and future generations!

So what does that mean? well it probably means different things to different people.

but to me it means what is something that you enjoy talking about, enjoy being around, are passionate about, and knowledgeable about and feel like you can and want to somehow in some way improve.

For me it's Motocross.

Anyone reading this must be thinking why that? and how could you improve it?

And I would be happy to explain.

I Was a kid that always loved everything with wheels and a motor, Everyone is different but personally I didn't have any interest in ball sports, I was very drawn to Cars, Motorcycles, and bicycles from a very young age. I played with hot wheel cars and read car magazines and auto trader magazines for fun, I could tell you every make and model and year of car when I was really young, and I grew up with only my Mom and 2 sisters so this was not encouraged by anyone it was just naturally what I was drawn to.

I can remember seeing little kids sized dirt bikes and realizing that they made them in small kids sizes, I was absolutely in love, there was nothing on earth I wanted more than one of those dirt bikes. But we were poor and there was no way that was happening, I've heard of others whose parents wouldn't let them ride dirt bikes for danger reasons, but for me it was only financial reasons, so I got very into Bicycle riding Jumping riding ramps, half pipes, BMX, freestyle, riding wheelies etc. I got pretty good on a bicycle, and I had no choice but to accepted the fact that I would most likely never have a dirt bike, (there were times we couldn't even afford bicycles) but then my dad that I barely knew asked me what I wanted for Christmas one year when I was 12, I said a dirt bike still totally not expecting to get that. And holy smokes there she was.


He got me a brand new Kawasaki KD80 this was in 1988, That was the start of a new passion for me and I Was able to ride and race motocross through my teenage years after that, He bought me one more a Honda CR80 and after that I started working and bought my own bikes first a 1991 KX125.

I loved them all and my love of Dirt bikes has never wavered. I am sure there are others out there like me that love everything with wheels and or motors, And maybe don't like ball sports.

Fast forward to 2020. And the sport of motocross is not doing very good at the grassroots level when it comes to participation levels and sales numbers. (pre corona) so to answer the question why would I want to advocate for the sport well the reason is because I think a lot of kids these days just aren't being given the opportunity to ride dirt bikes and I think they are missing out and I Believe that we can change it, there are a lot of things that could be done to increase participation that aren't being done, and in my opinion kids that get to ride dirt bikes are the luckiest kids in the world.

So if we can somehow harness that lifestyle and show it to the masses I think that will help a lot with growth, and if we can bring the opportunity to kids that maybe otherwise never would have gotten into riding, I think that would very beneficial to a lot of people.

I think these are the luckiest kids on Earth.

There are a lot of good things that come with riding dirt bikes and racing but people just don't know what they don't know.

I believe that we can help bring awareness and help the sport grow.

I believe that motocross needs to be reintroduced to America,

It would make me feel good to introduce the sport that I love to people that may have otherwise never tried it, people are monkey see monkey do, if people see others doing it they will to and vice versa out of sight out of mind.


What are the good things that come from a kid riding motocross? kids like to feel like they are part of a group. what's Cooler than being a motocrosser.

1. Just riding a dirt bike is Fun, it gives you a feeling of freedom and takes your mind off of everything else rarely do you feel more in the moment.

2. It gets kids outside and off of electronics

3. it's good exercise

4. it creates lifelong friendships

5. it brings families together, a day at the track is like tailgating or camping.

6. Teaches kids how to safely operate a motorized vehicle

7. it teaches kids responsibility

8. it teaches kids how to set goals

9. it teaches kids self confidence

10. It has a sense of community

Can you think of more reasons?

if so please list them below.

come and join be a part of of our group. You too can be Motocross rider.

How cool is it to be able to say I race motocross!



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