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I believe This is the Missing Link in the sport of Motocoss!

Updated: Oct 26, 2021

A Honda XR100 is an easy to ride air cooled four stroke dirt bike, they are stone cold reliable and can withstand decade's of abuse.

So here is the question, could a more Race oriented track version of this bike be made?

Could Kawasaki, Suzuki, Yamaha, KTM, Husqvarna. Make a Race oriented midsize air cooled 4 stroke?

Answer: Of course they could!

Just start with 100-150 air cooled motor and put on Good suspension, that's it.

that's all that's really needed is better suspension in my opinion.

Making it a little lighter would be nice and some more durable parts would be nice also but those to aren't a must.

They are aren't incredibly fast but that's ok I don't want to go all that fast these days, I'm in my 40's and have a family to feed and I'm sure there are others like me that would still love to get out and bang bars and love to ride on a track and race against your friends but don't want to go as fast as they are going these days.

I would argue that the bikes are to high performance these days.

I think this would be the perfect option for guys like me, and I also think it would be perfect for older beginners, you want to get your Cousin or Co-worker out on the track that's never ridden a dirt bike, Perfect put him in the new XR100 Class.

It would be like a PW50 class for adults.

Why this isn't already being done is beyond me??

Especially in a sport that everyone knows is struggling at the grassroots level.

This would be a game changer!

Safer, Cheaper, Still fun. And people can move up to more powerful faster bikes anytime they choose.

It's fun to race against others on the same type of bike regardless if it's fast or slow.

I still have the urge to race, and I honestly don't see myself ever doing it on the current bikes.



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