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Motocross Remix

They say history repeats itself. This is what worked in the past. 1. Vacant neighborhood lots and empty fields where kids can ride from their house. 2. Cheap simple bikes any kid with a set of tools could fix. 3. Off road parks, i.e.: Saddleback, Escape Country, Seabreeze, De Anza...etc. Racing for all size bikes and off road trails, 4. On Any Sunday.

(That section above I took from an online forum

And I agree with it.)

I believe that We can overcome all of these problems one by one if we work together,

1. All except for number one

sure that one we can't change, but we have something now that we didn't have back then and you are using it right now to read this.

The internet and social media. I have a strategy we can use to create new riding area's and get new people into the sport get and we can use it to get groups of people to come together in their own area at the grassroots level.

2. Cheap Simple bikes.

They already exist they just aren't being focused on why isn't there a 110 Class?

Why isn't there air Cooled classes in Modern chassis, It is very possible, the sport has some big gaps and as soon as we fill the gaps it will grow again. In the 1970's they had XR75 classes. they had Air cooled bikes.

3. Creating new riding area's.

I Did a poll on Facebook asking why people had quit racing motocross that got 250 responses in 8 hours, A

#1 was injuries

#2 was lack of places to ride.

Number two isn't a problem everywhere, but some places have none left. And I have solutions for them using social media and education. We can help them make tracks even if it's an all natural grass track. even if it's just using cones at first and in a vacant field or at a local fairgrounds. it can be done with organization.

4. On any Sunday. The movie is believed to have helped get tens of thousands of people into the sport of motocross and riding dirt bikes in general, When is the last time you saw any sort of national Campaign for Motocross or dirt bike riding, the move also had Steve McQueen one of the biggest stars of the time, advocating for the sport. And guess what. There are Lots of famous people into Dirt bikes now. The hub of motocross is in southern California. The sport has lots of ties to Hollywood, has anyone asked them to help?

I am working on some ways to help the sport of motocross grow.

I Need help, I want to create a social enterprise, I am looking to set up appointments with Manufacturers and People in the industry that are in a position to help.

Please join


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