There is a side of motocross that is quietly GROWING!

Updated: Oct 25, 2020

The usual form of grassroots local motocross racing is a shadow of what it used to be.

as its evolved its gotten more and more extreme, more expensive and more dangerous, Tv and news outlets only show the most extreme parts of it, like pro riders riding on knarly tracks and doing things that regular people could only dream of.

And cool but crazy Freestyle motocross with an extra focus on backflips and huge jumps.

And as all this has been going on the sport has been shrinking in participation, sales, and overall interest.

The once booming sport that that was a big hit in the 70's has not evolved well, is it even the same sport ?

But There is a side side of the sport that's quietly growing and ironically it looks a lot more like the 1970's motocross. than modern motocross does. it is mini motocross on small easy to ride affordable, and not extremely powerful 4 stroke dirt bikes.

Just Look at what Twitch and Axell ride for fun.

in the 1970's before evolution came into play. Which also happens to be at a time when motocross had the biggest amount of growth and was selling the most bikes per year.

( up to 1 million per year) they were racing small easy to ride dirt bikes like the Honda XR75.

I Am working on a passion project that has to do with ways to grow the sport of motocross!

"Steve jobs says History Repeats"

Please join 🙏



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