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Updated: Nov 4, 2020

Motocross has evolved so much, or I guess I should Say the bikes have evolved so much over the years.

The sport itself is a shell of what it used to be at the grassroots level.

(Pro MX and SX is doing well)

At the grassroots level I believe the bikes being used have evolved to much for their own good, and that some more options are needed.

Beginners don't need to start out on a bike that is so capable, and be out on tracks with big jumps. (And they probably shouldn't be) you can put any kid on a 250f and he can clear every jump on the track but when that mistake comes and we all know its coming what are the chances that he is gonna get hurt?

The fix is right there!

People want easy to ride less capable bikes or at least to have the option, people also people want more natural terrain tracks.

They say History repeats, I believe we can have and will have a resurgence as soon as we put an organized focus on easy to ride bikes and tracks.

Think of it this way, the PW50 is the perfect bike for a young rider under 8 years old, after that they get to big for them, but back in the 1970's (when the sport was booming) they not only had 50cc bikes but they also had bigger easy to ride bikes that would be close to the equivalent of the pw50 for older kids And they had race classes for them but this is completely absent in the sport now, so where does a 13 year old start or a 20 or 30 year old?

XR75's and later YZ80's and YZ100's.

Back in the 1970's they were still air cooled with dual rear shocks and with less horsepower than current bikes have.

Even the full size race bikes were a lot less powerful back then and you could argue that less capable was a good thing, I love watching the experienced riders rip. But I don't think those bikes shouldn't be the starting point. Sometimes its fun to ride a slow bike fast, its fun when you are riding a bike to its full capabilities and racing against others on the same bike is when the sport is the most fun in my opinion.

With the bikes and tracks we have right now only a small percentage of people usually those that started at young age have the ability to use the current bikes to they're full capabilities.

I am not suggesting we take away the bikes we have, I have heard many say you can't put the genie back in the bottle And I agree.

But we can add classes and I think that is exactly what is needed to grow the sport.

We can re-introduce motocross to America.

Please join


This is what's missing in grass roots motocross racing these days.

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