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The sport of Motocross in the 1970's

The sport of Motocross

became wildly popular

in USA in the 1970's and by the mid 70's ot was booming,.

And it was considered a mainstream sport by most people at the time, it was arguably more common for a young boy to try riding a dirt bike at some point in their life than not to.

Motorcycle manufacturers where selling as many as 1 million dirt bikes per year back then.

The dirt bikes at that time where affordable easy to ride and the sport wasn't as dangerous or considered as extreme back then most people thought of it as something they could do.

I Believe that if we can bring back this form of racing back, on air cooled race bikes, and looking ahead maybe some electric only classes.

(a much less extreme version)

We can start a resurgence in the sport and start bringing in new people and new money.

History Repeats "Steve Jobs everything in life is a remix"

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