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Who am I to Think this big.

Updated: Feb 4, 2021

Who am I to think this big? That is exactly how I feel when I think about what I am trying to do! Which is to create a Social Enterprise type of business that puts an organized focus on growing the sport of motocross.

I believe that by creating a way to unite the industry to get everyone on the same page to work on growing through a combination of Marketing, live events, and creating publicity and introducing new strategies that we can help the sport grow.

I have a plan that will also help create new natural terrain tracks, and new riding areas while also creating new options for racing using cheaper easy to ride dirt bikes that currently exist but aren't being focused on, this also addresses safety at the same time the new options for bikes I am referring to are not only cheaper but they are also slower and slower is safer, at the speeds we are going these days people are getting injured more severely than ever before. Most people that race motocross are just doing it for fun, and when doing a sport where we know we are going to crash and it's not if its when why would we want high speed? It's not fun to break bones, new options are needed.

You don't often hear people say I wish there were some optional slower bike classes because they would probably made fun of if they did but that doesn't mean they aren't thinking it.

I've heard quite a few ex pro riders say they think 450's are too fast.

people do want more options and they are speaking with their wallets and switching to other types of riding like Off road. Hare Scrambles are up in participation, So is Pit bike racing,

Some are just Staying home all together and quit the sport.

As far as the who am I to think this big part, I do think that daily then I think what if a ex pro rider had the exact same ideas that I have?

Could it be done?

And I believe the answer is yes.

I hear pro riders all the time say in interviews that they want to help the sport grow. Please reach out to me and I will prove that together we can make a difference.

James Stewart,

Ryan Dungey,

Ryan Villopoto,

Ricky Carmichael,

I believe if any one of them or all of them were working together trying to do what I am trying to do I truly believe they could.

(Can anyone get me a 30 minute conversation with one of them?)

It is a goal of mine to talk to someone in the industry that has Clout!

which has been a challenge since I live in Minnesota and don't know anyone in the industry but believing that any one of them could do it tells me that it's possible.

I have always heard if you want something bad enough and you believe that it is possible and you don't give up. a way will present itself and with that I am pushing forward.

This conversation has been going on for twenty years about the Decline in participation at the grassroots level and nobody is doing anything about it.

I have read every comment and heard every suggestion, a lot of them the same suggestions over and over. I hear we should do this we should do that In podcasts and forums.

I have worked on putting together a strategic plan for almost 3 years and I can confidently say that I have ideas that will help the sport of motocross grow. There are things that could be done that would bring new people to Motocross riding all over the country.

Some of the things I'm working on that I know would help seem impossible and some of them are simple but even the simple ones still are not being done and I believe that we can do better.



Motocross is simply the act of riding a dirt bike on a closed course track.

why are there not any less extreme options already?

Good question right.

Some people are starting their own backyard pit bike races lately some with more riders on the gate than the local mx tracks have.