Updated: Oct 14, 2020


The sport of motocross is missing an entry level way for people over 8 years old to get started in the sport.

We have some beginner classes but the tracks and bikes themselves are not beginner friendly. once kids are to big to start on a 50cc bike.

I think the 50cc class is good if your parents have an interest in the sport and start you off as a young child, but if you aren't one of the lucky ones that got to start on a 50cc and if you don't start under the age of 8yrs old is where there is a problem.

Then it's not an easy sport to get into.

In my opinion there is an entire level of the sport of motocross being missed completely in America.

I Call it the black diamond effect because the closest comparison I can find to use is skiing, so imagine if a person or a family wanted to get started in skiing they can go to the ski resort and Rent the ski’s and equipment, and then There is a bunny hill to learn on and they can take it slow and easy and work their way up, and if you get good at it and build up your confidence someday you can be skiing down the black diamond hills, which in are the most difficult steepest most extreme hills there are in that sport.

Now imagine if in the sport of skiing that there were no rentals offered at ski resorts so if you wanted to try it either as one person or as a whole family, that you had to go and buy the ski’s which are expensive, and all necessary related equipment just to be able to try it to see if you even like it, and then on top of their being no rentals offered imagine if all there where was the black diamond hills, and no bunny hill.....

That is the closest example I can think of to use, for what current motocross has evolved into.

I raced motocross when I was a kid in the early 1990s and after not racing for several years I went to some local races just to watch. I also follow pro motocross very closely but after watching the local events with the thought of getting back into racing and I was also thinking about getting my now 10yr old son into the sport I left thinking wow this has gotten really extreme and I can see why it is now becoming even more of a niche sport, the jumps have gotten so big and the speeds have gotten so fast, that not only can I honestly say that i'm not sure that I want to do it, but I’m also not sure that I would want to get my son into it, especially at 10 with no experience. And if i'm thinking that and I already love the sport what's the general public thinking?

In the sport of motocross we don’t have a bunny hill, it is just all black diamonds these days. And to even to see if you or you and your family like it and want to join in you have to commit by buying very expensive bikes and equipment. And that is a problem.

Now I want to say this before the core enthusiasts start thinking that I want to change the whole sport, I don’t! I love watching the fast guys Rip. I even like watching the experienced kids Rip on 85's

But What I do want is to add some new class options. and I want to put an organized focus on growing the sport.

I dont think its just the tracks either (though some natural terrain options would be nice!)

I think we are missing some crucial areas with bike sizes and classes as well, and I say this After doing a lot of research about the history of the sport of motocross.

I believe that I have some solutions that are much needed, maybe I was born at just the right time and lived in just the right places to see what the problems are and how things changed over time,

I have also seen things from a different angle than most because I have lived in several states and traveled to almost every state in the country while I was working for a sales and marketing company

and I watched motocross very closely, even at times that I didn’t ride, I was always a huge fan I studied the sport just because I loved it. And I watched a lot of things change.

Now I want to advocate for the sport of motocross. I made this website hoping to meet like minded people and I plan to talk to key people in the motocross industry. If this is a subject you have an opinion on I would like to have your input, please reach out, send me an email, or scroll to the bottom of the website, there is a form you can fill out, thanks.

I am working on a passion project that's about ways to help grow the sport of motocross, Together we can make a difference


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