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Updated: Jul 26, 2022

There are other amateur wheel-sports that are having good success because they better understand the need for "stair-stepped categories". Amateur level drag racing has been around long before MX, and is still going strong. Their industry understands that you need a place (and a class) for every budget, and every injury risk threshold..... so they offer it. Modern MX is run by corporations that mandate you to purchase an expensive and perishable race machine just to drive up to the gate..... that isn't working.

One of the most popular segments of MX today is vintage MX racing. There is no intelligent reason on earth that people should feel compelled to race 40 year old MX bikes .... but they do. The reason vintage MX has become so popular is because the mainstream industry and media has totally dropped the ball on creating the same stair-stepped budget/risk-level categories that vintage MX and drag racing has had the good wisdom to create..... it's not rocket science.

Other forms of 2 wheel motorsports have also wised up. A small club in Southern California, "M1GP", has created a very strong following of motorcycle pavement racers in the same way. Most of their classes are with small machines under 100cc, and most events are held on go kart tracks...... low speeds, low cost, low injury risk .... big fun.

American MX needs to learn from these success stories. I don't advocate that high-tech 4 strokes and Supercross are bad for the sport of MX ..... but the total failure to promote stair-stepped budget/risk-level classes for the sport is very bad.


We can fix this problem. The first step is accepting that there is a problem. and then actively trying to find a solution. we got this.



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