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This is How to get your message to the world!

Updated: Oct 25, 2020

Media in 2020 is like it's never been before, The world wide web has the existed since 1991 and it was created as a way for Information-sharing between scientists in universities and institutes around the world.

The internet has only been used by the masses since 1999.

Facebook has existed since 2004, YouTube since 2005,

Twitter since 2006, Instagram since 2010

This isn't all that long it's still in its infancy in my opinion.

it's still growing and growing fast!

The whiskey Throttle Show on youtube

Podcasts began after the creation of digital recorders in 2004 but have really blown up in Popularity more recently.

With use of social media, you tube, Instagram, Vlogs, Blogs, websites, etc.

It's never been easier to get your message to the world.

In previous era's prior to 1999 even if you had a great idea it was very hard to get it out to the masses, there was a large barrier and limited ways to do it.

You had CBS, ABC, NBC, and later FOX networks.

There were 7 movie studio's,

5 publishing houses,

and 5 record companies.

And approximately 10 companies in Europe.

Now with Social media, YouTube, and Podcasts, you can get your message to the world!

You can have your own talk show if you want to.

My point in saying this is that sometimes in life it feels like everything has been thought of, and that people have everything in life all figured out and organized, and when it comes to the internet and social media it's still early and still very much evolving. it's like a modern day wild wild west!

Did they have the industrial revolution maxed out in 20 years ? or was there still opportunity for growth?

There is still room for more media, and there are still are things being thought of to make life easier and better. Recent times in our era have become all about sharing and collaborating, and creative people and entrepreneurs are finding ways to do things better and faster. We have things now like

  • Air B&B

  • uber

  • wework

  • Podcasts

  • gofundme

  • patreon

That are great examples.

What are the most important factors for the success of a


A Group of extremely intelligent Entrepreneurs and investors did marketing research and case studies on what the most important factors are for a Startups success.

And these are the findings, IN ORDER.






Be the change you want to see in the world!

Where I want to make a difference is in the sport of Motocross, Because I love the sport and it has been declining in participation over the past 20 or so years.

Motocross is my passion.

I am planning to be a person that brings new creative ways to help reignite The sport.... It's something I have thought of for many years and I have ideas that will let people try riding dirt bikes for free.....and bring a lot of attention to the sport.

welcome to



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