My vision

"this was written pre Corona virus"

My vision

My Vision is to re introduce motocross to america...

With a mission to grow the sport, I studied the sport for years and put together a strategic plan.

The sport of motocross hasn't kept up with the times, I want to create a company hopefully with the involvement of the motorcycle manufacturers that will host events that will let the public both adults and children try riding small dirt bikes for free on a small track.....

People used to try riding for the first time at cousin Johnny's house or in the field down the street on the neighbors bike, but these things aren't happening anymore,

And that is only part of the reason, why it's almost all second and third generation riders at the local motocross tracks.... and not new people.

If we want people to try riding dirt bikes for the first time we need to artificially create ways for that to happen.

We will plan events, and raise money to pay for this by (Hopefully) By partnering with the manufactures and companies that will benefit if the sport grows,

(and other ways as well)

Working with companies that would want their name to be associated with growing the sport. Like Manufacturers, Gear companies, goggle, boot etc... and aftermarket performance companies. And hopefully other companies that will want to be involved and will benefit from being involved.

We could include other things in the events as well such as RC Cars, Staycycs, Mountain bikes, E-Bikes, BMX, Freestyle. Side x sides. Pit bike freestyle And possibly other things as well.

At these events plus additional advertising & marketing we will promote a website... and on the website we will have information about Growing the sport. information about things like.

How to make tracks

where to make tracks

how to go about creating tracks on public property including stories about places that have done it, and how they did it.

We will also have categories to meet others in your area that share your interests.

As well as links to companies we work with and more.

The website is a big key...

As it will help to connect people at the grassroots level that would want to meet others in their area, to get together and create groups and tracks, and ride together, maybe they start in a parking lot going around cones or start in a field on a grass track, but this at least starts the process,

right now a most people think the only way to possibly get a track in their area is to buy land and pay to make one and there are other ways, tracks for the small bikes can be made on a small piece of land.

Also there are people that have an interest in MX But are intimidated by the big tracks. especially if they have never ridden before, and don't have close friends or family members into it. plus some tracks are only open on race days.

Some people are fine with natural terrain tracks, some even prefer it. Plus in a lot of areas they are losing their local tracks. We can help create new small tracks all throughout America.

If we could make motocross like it was in the 1970’s thousands more people would ride.... what do i mean by like the in 1970s?

In the 1970’S They were racing XR75’s on natural terrain tracks. The racing was much at lower speeds, there were smaller jumps, and everyone felt like they could do it.

And in the 1970’s people could ride almost anywhere and we can't do that now but using modern technology in this way we can create a resurgence... This is how we change with the times. This is a missing link in our sport.

Doing this will bring money back into the sport by getting new people into it and helping the sport grow!

The sport has evolved into weird little bubble of people that evolved with it. And from the outside looking in its starting to look like something that people don't think they can do.

on a side note...

I predict a time in the very near future where people will have a little bit of a backlash against social media, and will want to be a part of groups that bring about personal contact and creates friendships and get togethers in person and motocross fits perfectly as that type of group...

and Mini moto takes up less space, is affordable is easy for people to learn, these bikes are easy to maintain. And not as dangerous as our usual form of moto.

I believe that putting a focus on mini mx will help the sport overall because a lot of people will want to move up to faster bikes in the future.

(we also need a way for them to move up, are beginners coming from pit bikes supposed to jump up to 250f's? but that is another conversation)

They need an easy way to get started in the first place.




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