My mission is To Re introduce Motocross to the American Masses

I believe we can make the barrier of entry less costly and less make or break as far as the riding its self. The sport as evolved into a very extreme sport.

I believe there are a lot of people that would like to get involved at a more fun level.

Motocross Is a super fun sport. It brings family's together It teaches kids a lot of different things from good sportsmanship to a healthy lifestyle. It promotes Good exercise habits good eating habits. Fellowship friendships. It teaches goal setting and that hardworking can get you you where you want to go.

I believe we can grow the sport and let hundreds maybe even thousands of kids try riding that may have otherwise never tried it.

And that's a big deal to me because I think kids that grow up riding dirt bikes are the luckiest kids on earth. So bringing that to more people is a positive. And It also will help the industry by bringing more money into the sport.

I went deep into the history learning how it grew into a big sport in the 1970's. I studied how it evolved and what things changed and when.

And I think there are things that could be done now that would start a resurgence.

I am Looking for people to collaborate with

Please send a message if you want to chat.

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