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My mission is To Re-introduce Motocross to the American Masses

Updated: Aug 26, 2022

I believe that we can make the barrier of entry less costly and the riding less extreme by focusing on some less powerful bikes that currently aren't used for racing..

Over the years motocross has evolved into a very extreme sport.

(To be clear it's not my intention to change the sport at the current level but to fill some voids and create new ways for people to get involved that hopefully will progress and eventually move up to the faster bikes we currently use)

I truly believe there are a lot of people that would like to get involved at a more affordable just for fun level.

I'm working on ways to make that possible Ideally with an organized collaborative group effort.

Motocross Is a super fun sport It brings family's together and teaches kids a lot of different things from good sportsmanship to a healthy lifestyle plus encourages Good exercise habits and good eating habits, it creates fIellowship with like minded people, creates new friendships and teaches kid's goal setting and that hardworking can get you you where you want to go.

I believe we can help grow the sport and let thousands of kids try riding dirt bikes that may otherwise never try it, and that's a big deal to me because I think kids that grow up riding dirt bikes are the luckiest kids on earth, so I believe bringing it to more people is a positive. I want to introduce people to it and teach people ways that they can get involved, It also will help the industry by bringing more money into the sport.

I did a deep study into the history of the sport to learn how it grew into a big sport in the 1970's. (And things that caused it to decline)

I researched how it evolved and what changed over the years and when and what effects it had on sales and participation.

With that knowledge I think there are things that could be done now that would start a Nationwide resurgence!

I am Looking for people

to collaborate with!

Please send a message

if you want to chat, Thanks 😊


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