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Updated: May 18, 2021

Written pre corona


The sport of motocross is dying at the grassroots level

are we all just gonna sit by and watch and do nothing & let it die...Let's start the Resurgence movement, not just sit by.

Let's start fresh, bring in new ideas, relook at everything and find ways to grow the sport!


The general public doesn't know anything about the sport anymore and a lot of people don't see Motocross as something they could do anymore.

  • People know very little about motocross.

  • Most people these days have never tried riding a dirt bike.

  • I believe to fully appreciate watching pro SX And MX you need to have ridden a dirt bike at some point. (And I have a plan for how we can let more people try it)

  • People don't all know that adults can ride and race smaller dirt bikes (I think mini mx is and stair stepped classes are the answer to growing the sport)

  • People don't all know that it is good exercise and creates a desire to be in good shape and encourages exercise eating right and leading a healthy lifestyle.

  • People don't know that small 110cc bikes are a lot less maintenance.

  • People don't know what a day at the track is like or how it gets kids outside, and that it is like Tailgating Or camping its like a big family BBQ.

  • People don't know that motocross creates friendships and brings families together.

  • People don't know there are ways to participate and ride motocross that are less dangerous than what is seen on TV.

  • People don't know that there are inexpensive ways to ride motocross.

  • It gets kids outside and doing something other than iPads and video games.

Motocross is a kick ass sport that is super fun. Just riding a dirt bike is super fun but only the most extreme parts of it are shown on TV....

… If we want it to grow.... we need to go back to its roots and show the side of it that is relatable to the masses, and show people that this is something they can do.

You can make small motocross tracks on very little space and two people can have a blast all day racing each other on XR75's or similar bikes on a small corner track and that is what we need to show to America.

In the 70’s and 80’s it was common knowledge but its not anymore, there are forms of motocross that people can do and not have to worry if they are gonna make it to work on Monday.

Let's find ways to show that to America.

I have ideas of how we can do that.

I have put together a strategy.

My strategy is Includes a way we can help create more tracks all over the USA.

Don't believe it, ask me how!



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