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Motocross in America

Updated: Oct 11, 2021

Motocross is a niche sport that became popular in america in the 1970's..

The sport spread like wildfire after being introduced to America by Belgium

Edison Dye after he had a vision to sell husqvarna motocross bikes in the USA, he brought over Lars Larson, Torsten Hallman, and Roger Decoster to show the USA the way it was done there..

When they first came to America they were literally travelling to different states and towns to show the sport to people, helping them make tracks, and going to radio stations to explain motocross to people.

Then the movie On Any Sunday came out, it was a big Hit in theatre's and is widely credited to have helped The sport of motocross and all forms of dirt biking grow all over the country.

Motocross was originally called scrambles, and after it caught on in America it was everywhere you would see kids riding dirt bikes all throughout the USA even when traveling by car. Kids would make little tracks in fields and anywhere they could find to make one.

I think it would be safe to say that in the 70's and 80's it was more likely that a school aged boy had tried riding a dirt bike at sometime in their life than had not.

And everyone at least knew what motocross was!

The sport was so popular in the 1970's that there where even high school motocross teams in some states.

The dirt bikes of the 1970's had less horse power and the perception of the sport was different than it is now, it wasn't considered an extreme sport like it is now.

They raced bikes like Honda XR75, and even well known American brands like Harley Davidson And Indian motorcycles made dirt bikes in the 1970's.

It was common for local race tracks to have 300 riders or more on any Sunday all over the country, I have heard of races with 1000 plus riders.

You rarely see that many now days unless it's a big amateur national with people coming from all over the country, most of the local race tracks 'what's left of them' have a hard time filling the gates.

for the past 20 years there has been in a steady decline in the number of participants, new dirt bike sales are way down in comparison to the 70's 80's and 90's this has been talked about for 15 or so years now and more recently is talked about daily among the core fans of the sport, and all around the industry.

as a rider it's a lot more fun to have more people that share your passion, and as a racer it's more fun to get 15th place on a gate of 40 riders than it is to get 2nd place on a gate of 5, and lately you're more likely to find the latter at the grassroots hobby level. it seems like new people are just not joining the sport. but why?


We live in the richest country in the world there are more than 30 million businesses in the united states, and most other things in the world have recovered from the 2008 recession, in a way it seems like motocross never did.

I think that we the fans of the sport and people in the motocross industry need to find a ways to unite and work together for the better of the sport if we want to see the sport we love thrive again.

I believe that there are things we could do that aren't being done.

We need to make the decision to stop watching our sport struggle and put our heads together and work together to figure this out. are we all going to stand by and do nothing and watch the sport we are passionate about die?

We need to start somewhere, and as an enthusiast of the sport of motocross for many years I always thought someone was going to come along and turn things around and find a way to start bringing in new people but that just hasn't happened.

I thought somebody somewhere has to be working on this right? but who? the MIC, the AMA, Mx Sports, Feld? For years it's just continued declining.

I have been an enthusiast since the early 90's I follow professional and amateur MX and it seems like the only people at the local amateur motocross races these days are people that grew up racing, and their kids not people that have had no connection in the past.


So started doing research, a lot of research and I now believe that the AMA, MIC, And a few other groups that all work with all types of motorcycling are just too broad to tackle this problem, and the other people in the industry that would be capable of making a difference seem to be just to busy with the businesses they are already running to dedicate the time, think about it how much free time do you have when your running a business to dedicate to solving a very complex problem.

I'm not saying people don't have good intentions, but I now believe there is a need for a new organization that will be 100% dedicated to Motocross.

I have been following the sport for 30 years. I've watched everything that has changed and how it unfolded, with tracks, land use, environmentalists, laws and how the sport has evolved, and how the bikes have evolved and how inflation plays a role and economics especially with the recession.

I have personally put in hours and hours of research and in hindsight can see things that could have and should have been done differently by the manufactures and key people in the industry.

But more importantly I see things that could be done now that will make a difference and bring thousands of new people into the sport and help sell millions of dollars worth of bikes, gear, and aftermarket parts and accessories.


Almost three years ago I set out thinking how could I start a business that would allow me to work in the Motocross industry which I'm passionate about, and while working on that I believe that I have come up with some solutions that I believe will change the sport and get it to thrive again!


I am a 30 year motocross enthusiast, I have some detailed plans the will grow the sport and I can prove it! I am wanting to have sit down meetings with people in the industry.

This is a passion project that is about ways to help grow the sport of Motocross!

Please Join me, Together we have a Voice !




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