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Motocross History

Updated: Oct 26, 2021

The Sport of Motocross became extremely popular In the USA in the 1970's

I think Its safe to say it was a mainstream sport, at that time It was more common for a school age boy to have tried riding a dirt bike at sometime in their life than not to have tried one and the motorcycle manufacturers were selling as many as 1 million dirt bikes per year in the USA in the late 70's

(for comparison that number is less than 100 thousand per year now)

The dirt bikes in the 1970’s were very affordable for the average family and easy to ride! The sport wasn't as dangerous or considered as extreme back then.

The dirt bikes Weren't as fast or as powerful as modern dirt bikes are these days, they also didn't have as much suspension travel and the jumps were much smaller. tracks were mostly natural terrain grass tracks carved into a field or hilly area, not only did it look fun but people saw this as something that they could do, people came out in droves, motocross was everywhere!

"Steve Jobs Says life is a Remix"

History tends to repeat itself, I believe that we could Grow the sport big time with an organized effort!

Even Harley Davidson and Indian Motorcycles made dirt bikes and many of the kids that grew up riding these brands continued to ride them as adults when they got older and decided to buy street bikes. sales numbers of dirt bikes drastically declined over the past 25 years and I believe that is having an effect on the on road motorcycle

industry sales now days. as the kids growing up that are now young adults aren't buying as many street bikes as the previous generations that grew up riding dirt bikes.

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