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Updated: May 18

I am working on a passion project that is about ways to help the sport of motocross grow at the grassroots level.

I have been a motocross enthusiast for 30 years, I started racing Motocross in 1991 and like every one else I have watched as the number of participants has gone down over the past 20 years. During that time I always thought that someone would come along and make the changes needed to get it going in the right direction and get it growing again. (Now I think that someone is me)

After a massive amount of research I've heard everything from there is no where to ride, to its to expensive, to its the kids, the kids don't want to go outside anymore, I laugh at that one. Ok sure some kids won't want to. But I believe that a heck of a lot of kids would want to ride dirt bikes if given the chance.

I believe that we Need some rule changes, and some new classes at the local level.

In the 1970's they had XR75' classes and the bikes were air cooled.

As it evolved they turned into liquid cooled 65cc and 85cc rocket ships with long travel suspension. Which is what we have now. They are cool and fast but they are not beginner bikes so if your too old for a 50cc then what?

The current AMA racing classes are







I believe If they re introduce some classes equal to XR75's more kids will try it.

And once people start riding dirt bikes they are often hooked for life.

Not everyone is lucky enough to start motocross at a young age. Sometimes not even as a kid so If we really want to the sport to grow than we need to create some beginner classes for older kids and adults to be able to start on easy to ride bikes like for example 100cc/150cc air cooled four strokes.

They would be about equal to a XR75 but for adults.

I hear all the time that people wonder why the sport isn't growing and yes there are other reasons as well.

(if you like to read I will list them all in another thread )

I believe if we make these changes the sport of motocross will see immediate growth.

I also believe that people starting out on slower bikes will later want to move up to faster bikes when they are ready instead of having no choice but to start on fast bikes or not start at all.

(In my opinion there are big gaps in the sport)

Huge voids, areas that are completely untapped.

As it is right now when you talk a friend into trying motocross they usually get hurt and quit because the bikes being used are way to high performance for Beginners. The bikes are extremely fast and they are easy to ride fast and that's not necessarily a good thing.


This is a project about ways to grow the sport of motocross.

I plan to put an organized focus on growing the sport of motocross.

I have a plan from A to Z that includes Marketing and live events that will let people test ride small easy to ride bikes on a small track for free!

The plan also includes a Digital angle with websites, social media marketing, YouTube, Podcasts, and more.

If implemented together these things combined would start growing the sport immediately.

I want to work with companies in the industry and other companies and organizations that want to see the sport of motocross grow and that would like to bring the opportunity to ride to more people.

I believe that If we put a plan together and get companies in the motocross industry to combine resources that we can make an impact and that is what I'm planning to do.

Riding dirt bikes is awesome. And I believe that we can bring the opportunity to ride to thousands of people that otherwise wouldn't have gotten introduced to it people that most likely would not have been given the chance to try it.

I heard through the grapevine that people in high places in the Moto Industry think that everything has already been tried and that the sport is doing just fine because lots of people go to watch the supercross races.

That may explain a little bit why some of the things that would help aren't already being done.

Please join me 🙏

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