Advocating for the sport of Motocross

Updated: Dec 3, 2020


written pre Corona....

As the sport of motocross has gotten smaller at the grassroots level have you ever thought that someone was gonna come along with the right ideas to turn it around?

Have you ever heard the saying

“Be the change you wish to see in the world”?

I have done a deep dive study into the history of the sport, I am a thirty year fan and die hard motocross enthusiast, and in the past couple years I've put countless Hours into studying the history of the sport of motocross, while working on trying to find ways to solve some of the current issues in the sport to find ways to help get it growing again.

I think there are a lot of smart and successful people in the industry,(certainly smarter than me) but successful people are especially busy these days. And I think the guys that would be capable of solving some of the biggest issues in the sport are just busy running businesses and they haven't been able to dedicate the time necessary to find solutions. (If you don't believe that try setting an appointment with them!)

I am not claiming to be the smartest guy, and I really don't like to be a know it all, but I honestly don't think there is a person on earth that has put more hours of thought into this subject than I have, I'm a bit more of an introverted person so it still feels awkward for me to say I have the answers, but I do in fact think that I have the best possible solution available at this time to help get the sport growing at the grassroots level.

That is a bold statement I know, but I have ideas that I believe could get the sport growing again in a big way, and start a resurgence, it would help a lot if the industry gets behind them.

Everyone says they want to see the sport grow.

I am hoping to partner with Some brands in the industry to help bring some new Ideas to life.

On a side note, I think that electric MX bikes will help a lot as well in the future and I believe that's the direction its going to go but we aren't quite there yet, I have some ideas we could start right now! And as we evolve more into electric MX bikes my ideas will help create an infrastructure that they can use as well, and when they become more prevalent they will roll right into the plan.

I now think I am that person that I always thought would come along. I am a visionary person, an entrepreneurial type, I love to brainstorm about business ideas... I've also worked in sales and marketing for 20 years In other industries, and I want to advocate for the sport that I love...

I'm looking for people with connections in the industry to work with. I have Ideas that I believe will help us overcome some of the biggest issues in the sport.

Like how to create more tracks and riding areas.

how to help reduce both cost and injuries.

plus a way to just let people try riding for the first time for free.

In past decades people would usually try it for the first time through a friend, neighbor or cousin in a field near where you lived, but that is rare these days so if we want new people to try it we have to create new ways for that to happen.

Please join me at


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