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Supercross with a Nascar Start

Updated: Jul 1, 2023

I would like to see an experimental Race.

Where they run qualifying before the race

and instead of a gate drop, they line them up like a Nascar race, side by side in the order they qualify, and then do a pace lap and when they complete the lap and get to a Line painted on the track they Go, kind of like when they do a restart in Supercross when the race was more than half completed.

They paint a stripe across the middle of the start straight like they do for the holeshot line.

There could be a Pace bike and after they complete a lap the pace bike pulls off,

the pace bike could be Ridden by a different Ex pro every week.

When there front tire hits the line painted in the middle they get the green flag and go. Then the importance of a good start would be eliminated and all the fast guys would be together to battle, plus everyone all the way through would be lined up near guys their same speed based on lap times from qualifying.

Its just a thought, I don't know if it would be better but I do think it would be fun to find out!

What do you think?


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