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Mini Motocross/Pit Bike Racing

Updated: Oct 5, 2021

Pit Bike racing - Mini Motocross.

I believe that Pit Bike racing has the potential to help the sport of motocross grow overall (including motocross On Bigger Bikes) because it lowers the barrier of entry it helps people get started in the first place.

Pit bike Racing is blowing up!

Its Hard to even find new 110's for sale right now they are sold out in most states Which is awesome!

I've always said it reminds me of BMX with a motor.

So What are some reasons why people are flocking to Mini's

They are Affordable

They are less dangerous

Adults and kids can race them.

They are quieter

They are low maintenance

They are easy to learn to ride.

And It takes less space to make a track for them.

(Could you add more reasons?)

Why do I think they will help grow the sport of Motocross?

Because everyone I have ever known that has gotten into dirt bikes has fell in love with them, Mx becomes a life long passion. So more People getting started on these bikes for the reasons above they will then likely develop a passion for the sport and want to move up to bigger and faster bikes later.

Kids starting out on little dirt bikes are much more likely to grow up and ride and buy street bikes as well. (I believe that less kids riding dirt bikes over the years has caused a decline in street bike sales)

So putting an organized focus on helping Pit bike racing-Mini motocross grow is Helping the Motorcycle industry in more ways than you may think.

I personally don't like the name Pit bike racing I would prefer Mini Moto. Or something else, maybe MMX?

(Got any ideas?)

I just think it sounds a lot cooler 😎 for a kid to be able to say, I race motocross than I race pit bikes..... and not only that but you can ride anything in the pits, If I ride a Harley fat boy around the pits is it a pit bike?

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I plan to put an organized focus on growing the sport of Motocross!



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