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Why is the sport of motocross declining?

Updated: Nov 10, 2023

(This was written pre corona virus)

This picture above was from one of the many studies I have done, this was a survey on facebook asking people that uses to race but stopped why they had quit racing motocross, I have done Polls and been a part of hundreds of conversations online about the decline of motocross over the years at the grassroots level, its been an ongoing discussion for many years.

This is a subject I have personally worked on for many years, and I now believe that I have some answers and solutions that could help.

I believe that there are things that could be done that would get people to start riding and racing again, both new riders and some that raced in the past but have quit. I put countless hours into research trying to find ways to solve some of the issues within the sport. I don't say this to gloat, I honestly don't think there is anyone on earth that has put as much time and effort into trying to find solutions to this issue than me. I hope that doesn't sound like a brag in anyway, my point is that it's something I've genuinely put a lot of time and effort into.

if there is someone out there that's done as much research on this issue as I have I would genuinely like to talk to them.

I believe that I have solutions that could be a game changer.

People want and need more riding areas.

People want more natural terrain tracks.

People want more options, and more classes specifically for cheaper bikes, also beginners need cheaper and less powerful options. We need to lower the barrier of entry and do a better job of stair stepping classes & categories. (this is possible)

People also need to be able to try riding for the first time, Its fun! when people try it they like it! But it isn't happening organically in the ways it once did in the past, so if we as an industry want more people to try it, we have to create new ways for that to happen.

I have solutions that address all of these things.

please join me at

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