Have you ever thought about ways to help the sport of Motocross grow?

Updated: Dec 20, 2020

The Sport of Motocross hasn't kept up with the times very well As the sport evolved over the years and we have faced some complex problems.

The Bikes got refined over the years becoming both faster and easier to ride fast on, this has increased the danger and severity of injuries, and changed peoples perception over the years, It went from something that looked relatable & fun to something that looks extreme and something that people aren't sure they would want they're kids to do, and it doesn't help that only the most extreme sides of the sport are shown on TV. I get that it increases the ratings but its not helping the sport grow. In addition to this the costs have also gone up considerably over the years nearly doubling in price since the early 2000's. We have also lost tracks and riding areas in many places and many people have quit the sport.

There are ways to combat these problems and get the sport growing again with a little effort and an with an organized focus.

The sport of motocross needs a bunny hill.

I believe that we need to start a new series that runs on smaller tracks and uses tamer bikes ( people can move up later) The smaller tracks can be in or near metro areas at Parks, fairgrounds, on private property or At existing tracks making a smaller track using parts of the existing tracks.


  1. Staycyc

  2. Pw 50cc

  3. mod 50cc

  4. electric 50cc

  5. 110ccstock

  6. 110 mod

  7. 150cc stock

  8. 150cc mod

Create a new points series to follow

giving earned numbers 1-100 in each class signifying how you finished in the previous series that must be run in the next series.

I want to start a social enterprise that advocates for the sport of motocross and does marketing and advertising for the sport.

I am also looking fort a co/founder

And companies to partner with.

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