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Updated: Jan 9, 2022

Everybody in the motocross Industry says they want to help the sport grow. But is anyone working on it?

I believe that There are things that could be done RIGHT NOW that would help the sport grow that are not being done.

​People Say history repeats itself and I have ideas that will make this true for the sport of motocross, Steve Jobs says everything In life is a remix I believe there are things that could be done that would start a full on resurgence, like a remix of 1970's when MX was very popular,

 We can't ride to the local field down the street and make a track in most areas like we could in the past, but I have ideas of ways we can strategically overcome that using the internet to help people come together locally at the grassroots level.

This will help find and create new places to ride locally and help create new tracks, help us combine resources, and educate people nationwide.

I plan to put an organized focus on growing the sport of Motocross.

This plan will help get new people interested in riding dirt bikes, by Planning live events that will let people test ride dirt bikes on a small track for free and also by creating and promoting a website that will help create new groups and get togethers which will help to teach people about the sport of motocross and teach things like how and where to create new tracks in or near cities and towns all across America. In addition I want to do nationwide marketing for the sport of motocross.

I have strategic plans that I believe will benefit the whole sport.

I have the plan but It's not something I can do alone, the main reason for making this website is to meet like minded people that want to help grow the sport, I hope to create mutually beneficial relationships with people and companies in the Motocross industry that would benefit from a resurgence in the sport.

  GET INVOLVED I Am looking to make Connections with people in the motocross industry and with people that are passionate about motocross and dirt bikes Send me a message if you want to chat thanks.


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