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Is anyone working on Growing the sport of motocross?

Updated: Jul 26, 2022

The fact that there is a problem is talked about all the time and the top Pro's say all the time in interviews that they want to help the sport grow, but is anybody actually working on it?

For many years Motocross has been Declining in participation at the grassroots level.

There are many positive things that come with riding dirt bikes, The life lessons a kid learns from Riding and Racing motocross is priceless. For those of you that ride think of the things you have gotten from it. Lifelong friendships, time with family, plus kids learn about dedication to a goal, discipline, sportsmanship, and physical and mental skills and its super fun to ride dirt bikes.


At this point a lot of people think motocross is a sinking ship that can't be turned around.

It's easy to play devil's advocate. But do you just want to sit back and watch the sport die and do nothing? or are you willing to get involved?

We can sit around and watch what happens, or we can stand up and make it happen, you have a voice So what if the tree huggers don't like it.

Stand up and fight for your rights!

People in the motocross industry often wonder why our sport isn't a little more mainstream.

We all know America is a free country but sometimes you still have to fight for your rights. I believe that The AMA is just too broad to focus on this issue they do a great job in fighting many legal battles but I see a need for a new startup with that is focused solely on motocross as opposed to all forms of motorcycling and all forms of motorcycle racing.

Currently everyone involved in motocross has an interest in growing their business, their series, selling their product which isn't a bad thing but who is representing the sport itself the AMA?

when is the last time you have seen a commercial advocating to grow the sport? Or any advertising that tries to get kids to ride dirt bikes?

I have a strategic plan that I know will help grow the sport. Starting with Marketing & Advertising, in a positive way that makes people say that looks fun I could do that and planning and Promoting live Events that will let kids and adults try riding for their first time and bring positive publicity to the sport. As well as a strong digital presence. I believe these plans will increase participation in every state in the USA but for this to be a Success it will need the Support of the Motocross industry.

Will the motocross community rally around a movement to grow the sport?

I Am working on a passion project that is about ways to grow the sport that we love

Please join me at


The Purpose of MX-Collaborations is to help grow the sport of motocross at the grassroots level, More info coming Soon