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How can we help the sport of Motocross grow?

Updated: Mar 29, 2021

They say history repeats itself and what's old becomes new again.

I believe that we can learn from the past and make some changes right now that will help in the future.

So Here is a little story.

In the early 1990's I lived in the Midwest in a suburb of Minneapolis Minnesota, myself and several kids in my neighborhood all had small dirt bikes and we could ride right from our houses to each others houses and also to trails and small tracks that we had made in fields all around the neighborhood

(we had no idea who owned the property)

this was a normal way of life at the time,

it was this way cities and states all across America and like I said I lived in a suburb of a large metro area not way out in the country!

My friends and I all started out on mellow trail bikes I had Kawasaki KD80 others had Honda Xr80's which are perfect to learn on.

Then later my friends and I moved up to more race oriented bikes like Honda Cr80's and Kawasaki Kx80's, then we all started racing the local AMA motocross races in our state.

Later we moved up to 125'cc bikes, it was around then that things started to change in our area it was the mid 1990's all the fields that we road in turned into new neighborhoods, new businesses, new schools and golf courses.

(urban sprawl)

Also Corporate farms bought up a lot of land in some states.

(Now days in some states there is almost no land near populated areas that isn't privately owned or being farmed.)

It also became more & more taboo to ride even a short ways down the street to get to riding spots like we had been able to do previously. (which we did respectfully and slowly on the shoulder of the road) Somewhere along the way that dried up completely now days unless you live in a very rural area or way way out in the country you have to have a truck or a trailer to get your bikes to tracks to ride,

tracks that are very far and few between in some area's hours away.

With the way things are right now in my opinion the chances of new people getting into racing motocross in its current form is very slim, unless you grew up racing and got your kids into riding or have a connection to the sport or a very persuasive friend or family member! The chances of people just going out and buying a bike that is $5000 or more plus another $1000 or so worth of safety equipment Including a Helmet and boots. To buy a bike that there isn't very many places to use it is veey unlikely.

These are just some of the reasons not all, why dirt bike sales in the USA have declined dramatically from the 70's 80's 90's to Now.

(This was written pre Corona and I am aware there was a spike in sales but I'm still looking for long term solutions. I personally do believe that it is possible to grow the sport long term!)

Lots of people also blame the change from two stroke to four stroke, personally I don't doubt that plays a role but I don't personally think its the primary reason or the only reason for the decline, another big change from the 1970's which happened to be when they were selling the most dirt bikes ever and also when the largest number of people were racing is that they were racing much mellower bikes (with way less horsepower) easy to ride types of bikes back then, also the tracks were more natural terrain and the jumps were smaller it was a lot less of an extreme sport in the 1970's. Also the public perception of the danger was much less.

So now that I have pointed out a lot of the negative things I think there are things we can do to turn this ship around and get it back to growing.

I think that Fully understanding the problems and changes is necessary to be able to fix the problems.

I absolutely do think we can grow the sport, and I think we can do this without taking anything away from the current form of Motocross we have but by adding some more options and filling in some area's were there is a void which will help motocross in its current form grow.

This is a subject I have done a lot of research on!

I believe we can learn from the sports history!

I used the history to put together a strategic plan that I am very confident would help create growth in the sport nationwide.

with the support of the industry I believe it would start helping immediately. So I am trying to meet people in the industry.

I am looking to connect with people to share my ideas and to brainstorm with ultimately I'm looking for people to work with to put in motion things that will help the sport we love grow, are you willing to advocate for the sport of motocross?

I am also looking for a Co-Founder and for companies to partner with thanks for reading and stay tuned and please join

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