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How can we help the sport of motocross grow at the grassroots level?

Updated: Aug 3, 2022

Have you ever though about ways to help the sport of motocross grow at the grass roots level?

The MIC (Motorcycle industry council) is paying a consulting group to do research in hopes of coming up with the answers to that question.

(The Motorcycle Industry Council announced at the beginning of 2019 that they would be spearheading a long-term initiative to attract new riders into powersports.

In July, the MIC hired consulting firm Centauric LLC to lead the first phase of the initiative regarding research and formulating a strategic plan.)

Recently in a red bull 'MX NATION video

(season 5 episode 5) Davey Coombs saysl that where there is a problem is at the mom & pop local grassroots level, but says he doesn't have the answer, he states that he thinks the kids are just not wanting to do things outside these days, and makes a comparison with empty soccer fields

(The soccer fields here in Minnesota are busy actually. They were pre corona anyway.)

The decline of Motocross at the grassroots level is a complex problem it's actually a lot of different problems combined, not only that but it can also be looked at from a lot of angles, the problems can be different from one person to another and different from one state or area to another which makes finding solutions very complex as well.

However I have found that if you break it down and start to address the problems one by one and start coming up with solutions one at a time after clarification of the challenges you start to see that finding solutions is possible. Maybe not easy but possible.

Finding ways to help the sport of motocross grow is something I have put a lot of thought into and after a lot of research I can confdefinetly say that I believe that there are things we could do to help that aren't being done.

Things that I believe would help the sport grow nationwide.

I want to talk to people in the Industry about it.

Here is the question,

Who would you to talk to if you thought you had some solutions that would help the sport of Motocross grow?

If you had nn idea that you truly believed would help introduce thousands of new people to the sport of motocross and would also bring millions of dollars into the sport in the near future.

How would you go about getting some meetings set up?

If you have any ideas please let me know thanks.

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