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Can we grow the sport of motocross back to the participation levels of the 1990's?

Updated: Oct 25, 2020

Unfortunately We all know that the sport of motocross has experienced a major decline at the grassroots level over the past couple of decades.

(This was written pre corona virus)

Participation levels fluctuate year to year...Here in Minnesota where I live participation was up a little bit this last summer 2019, vs the previous few years, but overall it is way way down compared to the hay days of the 1970's 1980's and 1990's, most classes have an average 5 or so racers lining up on a gate made to hold up to 40 riders. In the early 1990's the biggest class was always the 125 C class otherwise known as 125 novice/beginner, and it wasn't uncommon to have multiple gates full that needed to be split up into two or three heats usually 100 plus riders entered in just that one class.

That's not including the other 125 classes

125A (expert/pro) and 125B (intermediate) including those Plus all the other classes it was common to have 500 plus participants per weekend or more.

So can we grow the sport back to those levels?

I did a great deal of research into the history of the sport trying to figure out how things got the way they are, with the hope that I could pin point the changes that made a difference in participation. what were all the things that changed over the past 30 years that led to the sport declining in participation, I dug into them one at a time and there where a lot.

It is pretty easy to find problems within the sport, but once you start identifying the issues one by one, you start to see what could have and should have been done differently in hindsight, and once you figure that out you ask yourself could any of those things be done now?

If you break it up into smaller problems and try to think of ways to overcome them one at a time it starts to come together, I can now see a lot of things that could have been done in the past, and a lot of things that I believe could be done now to help the sport grow.

The sport Hasn't changed with the times, but it's not too late in my opinion. I plan to share my discoveries in the near future. Through this blog and I hope to meet with some influential people in sport in the near future.

I have solutions that will help!

I need help to implement them



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