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Updated: Oct 16, 2020

If you Haven't heard of E-Mountain bike racing get ready to because its likely coming to an area near you, I really think its gonna get big fast. I went to An E-Bike race just watch and it looks like so much fun, especially after I got to try riding one. I don't know what your first thoughts are when thinking about an E-mountain bike, but It was different than I though it would be in a really good way. I was expecting there to be some type of throttle which there was not, Its just pedal assist which not only makes it easy to ride but it makes you feel super strong like a super hero. imagine going up a hill while pedaling as if your on flat ground, its kind of like that but its still great exercise you are still pedaling in-fact there is a well known Motocross podcaster that's an E-bike advocate that has lost a large amount of weight riding an E-Mountain bike for exercise. his podcast rhymes with smulp Mx

The GNCC EMBT Race That I went was at to at the Lorretta Lynn's Amateur national in Hurricane mills Tennessee. Its a relatively new sport only in its second season. They are currently doing 1 hour long races on a Grand national cross country track that's 3-4 miles long and is mostly single track through woods and hills, I could picture some other variations and spin offs in the future,( like perhaps on motocross tracks? just a thought)

The rules are listed below I Highly suggest going to a race if you get the chance and I most definitely recommend trying out An E-mountain bike!

E-bike's open up the possibilities for some people that would have never thought they could ever race a mountain bike, I would include myself in that category I would have never though I would be in good enough physical shape to race a mountain bike and would have been intimidated to ever try but after watching and seeing the different classes including a novice class I Think it looks so fun! NOW if only I could afford one!

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