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Chasing after Fulfillment

Updated: Oct 27, 2020

During some really trying times in my life a few years ago I wasn't working after a business I had started failed, and I was depressed.

I Read a few books around that time, one that my wife had bought me was a book by Richard Rawlings (Fast & Loud) She had bought it for me because I'm a big fan of Richard, I like his TV shows a lot. The book was sort of a biography but it was also super inspiring.

There were a multiple things I got from it but the one thing that stuck out to me the most was that he had already found financial success with what he was doing before the Gas Monkey tv show (which was printing) He started a print-shop that was doing well making good money and was by all accounts successful and he could have just got comfortable and stayed in that business, but he knew that wasn't it, it the wasn't the thing he really wanted, he felt unfulfilled.

So He sold that business which was big risk financially and we all Know now that he then found his thing. (The gas Monkey empire)

Another thing that really stuck out to me is when he said he realized that the thing he wanted the most had been staring him in the face the whole time, for him it was Hot Rods, for me that happens to be Motocross, another thing interesting to me is that Richard now has a connection to Motocross as well, but he didn't at the time that I had read the book, he sponsors a team now, how badass is that! I already liked the guy even before that, now I really like him and I hope to meet him someday. He is a super interesting and cool guy, and I highly recommend the book.

RICHARD RAWLINGS also said in his book “Fast n Loud”

that there are plenty of shops with brands and personalities

that are just as good or better than West Coast Choppers and Orange County Choppers and that the only difference was that they somehow managed to get on TV, and he used that for motivation. Well I personally believe that is true just as he did that there are lots of car and motorcycle builders that could have done it, He chose to use that motivation to make his show and get it on TV, but you can use that little nugget of info and transfer it to other parts of life.

I have been struggling mentally with trying to get a business started that I think is going to touch a lot of people's lives and be something really big that will change a whole industry and I've been struggling with the question why me, who am I to think this big? well the truth is it doesn't have to be me and there are plenty of others that could likely do it, but it is gonna be me because I am the one with the belief, confidence, and willingness to do it!



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