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An explosion of Growth, a new form of Motocross spreads across america

Updated: Oct 9, 2020

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"An explosion of Growth as a new form of Motocross spreads across america"

There have been a few times in my life that I thought motocross was gonna really take off and blow up again like it did in the 1970's. The first time I thought this would happen was in the early 1990's when I first saw a segment about Langtown on the TV show called Moto World on ESPN, It shows exactly what is needed to grow the sport all in one short segment.

Langtown is a small Supercross track in a backyard. named after the owner it was put together very well and looked like a miniature version of a track that you would see on TV. and it hosted organized racing, on Small 150cc air cooled four stroke race bikes.

The only catch was that the bikes used did not exist, well they are not sold that way anyway,

The bikes they were using were bikes that started life as 80cc two stroke


And guys were customizing them. Because there were no 150cc air cooled race bikes.

The air cooled 150cc 4 strokes have more torque and are perfect for the small supercross track. a track a little bit bigger than a bmx track. and can be ridden by kids and adults, this created the perfect , small fairly safe, low speed but fun, great battling, just an awesome form of racing, I thought I had seen a glimpse of the future, the usual dirt bike brands could easily produce these, and 150cc air cooled four stroke bikes would be pretty inexpensive.

And These tracks take very little space to make. They could be in every suburb in america.

The smaller tracks are lower speed so the severity of injuries is less. This fixes a LOT of the current issues within the sport of motocross, and overall would help it to grow.

I believe that this would be a big hit in american suburbia.

Then Again in the late 90's A form of small MX became popular, this time they called it

pit bike racing, it used a little smaller bike. I dislike the name pit bike racing.

but again I can totally see what could have been,

Then again in the mid 2000's Pit bike racing was booming, but the general public didn't know about it, if this was properly organized and advertised and publicized this could have been the shot in the arm needed to grow the sport of motocross.

And now again for the past couple years there has been a big growth in the pit bikes. It's booming right now, and so is a new form of mini bike, the Staycyc. if you combine, Staycyc

with 50cc racing, add pit bike racing to it, and then include the Langtown type bikes, it could become a new sport in a way, a new version of mini motocross that will be a hit, and it fills some big gaps and helps grow the sport of motocross as well anytime we can get people interested in dirt bikes it helps. A sport that is struggling and seeing decline. I think the decline in motocross is also responsible for the decline in street bike sales.

Combine the idea of a small track, with Stacyc, PW50, other 50cc.

Pit bikes 110, 125, And bigger pit bikes, and eventually langtown bikes.

Combine those ideas with a website that encourages grass roots growth and education.

And people can start by making small tracks, even if it starts out in a field with cones. It will help get people riding dirt bikes again.

I Believe that this is the missing link, it's the bunny hill, the stepping stone. And not just for little kids, Teens and adults can also ride the smaller mellower bikes, in the 1970's they had more entry level bikes, Honda XR75's and others and race classes for them. but race classes for them all disappeared as the sport evolved. Now the only entry level motocross racing we have is the 50cc class, so if you are over the age of 8 years old there is no easy way to get started.

I am planning to put an organized focus on growing the sport of motocross.

please join me.



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