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A simpler slower and cheaper form of motocross racing

Updated: May 18, 2021

Kids have a lot of fun racing 50cc dirt bikes maybe even the most fun! they ever have in the sport of motocross.

When they move up to 65cc it is still fun but its a big jump in power. and gets a bit more serious, and than 85cc are still fun but very fast, and it takes a skilled rider to be competitive its not a very good place to start out!

Than from there the sport gets serious real quick, these bikes are high performance, fast and very expensive for just have fun banging bars and racing with your buddies, personally I think we need more options.


We need a simpler slower cheaper form of motocross racing for older kids and adult beginners. There are a lot of people that just want to race dirt bikes for fun. In my opinion we need some modern bikes with decent suspension that are slower but with good torque, so let's put air cooled motors in and run them on smaller tracks, or on half of the big tracks.

( Like a track within a track)

It's like the whole sport has advanced in a way that took the fun out of it, most of us aren't gonna go pro and we know it and getting hurt isn't much fun, so give us some slower bikes that we can just have fun racing and make classes just for them. Does anyone else feel this way?

would you race an organized class on air cooled 100cc or 150cc Air cooled race bikes? or a whole points series?

Oh And these bikes are also a lot cheaper, which would bring a lot of people back that maybe want to race but can't afford to.

I think there are a lot of people that feel this way, it shows in participation levels in grassroots motocross racing.

also Hare scrambles, and vintage racing is booming in some areas where the Racing at motocross tracks is down in participation.

That is telling me that the desire to ride dirt bikes is still there but some new options are needed, I don't believe that people are looking to hare scrambles or other forms of racing because they don't want to ride on tracks.

And lets not even get started on the kids riding wheelies in the streets, If this says anything it at least shows that kids are still interested in dirt bikes and motorcycles.

If you ever wanted to try racing cars would you start out in a full blown Nascar?

That's what its like if you try to start racing moto and you are not a kid under the age of 8yrs old these days. The bikes currently used are the full blown high performance race bikes, I am not suggesting that we take away the current bikes or classes, just that we add some more options.... we need a bunny hill and some stair step type classes.

I have a detailed plan of how we can put into motion the things that will start a full blown resurgence in grassroots motocross racing. (This is not something I thought of overnight, I have been working on putting together a strategy for a few years)

My plans put a lot of focus on Mini Mx bikes but will also help current motocross classes because it will bring a lot of new people to riding dirt bikes in the first place, and a lot of them will eventually want to move up to Bigger faster bikes in the future, right now there is no bunny hill in the sport of Motocross, not unless your a young child under the age of 8yrs old and your parents get you into Moto.



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