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A New form of Motocross is Sweeping America

Updated: Oct 26, 2021

That's future news Headlines will READ!

American motocross hasn't seen growth like this since the 1970's

Hypothetically !!

Motocross racing had an explosion of growth in the 1970's, but in recent times participation and popularity of the sport is at an all time low.

So what went wrong?

that is a very common question among enthusiasts of the sport, Its subject talked about often. And the answer is somewhat complex because it wasn't just one thing it was a combination of things all adding up to a perfect storm. You could ask 5 different people why they quit Racing motocross and get 5 different answers and they are all right because the reasons are different for some than they are for others!

here are some of the most common responses.


2.Injuries, severity of Injuries, Fear of Injury.

3. places to ride.

4. Perception, a lot of people these days don't think of motocross is something that they could do.

There are solutions for a lot of the challenges that we have in the sport of motocross, starting with Showing people Relatable sides of the sport through marketing.

I plan to put an organized focus on getting the sport

Of motocross growing again.

Please join


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