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There is an entire type of dirt bike/motocross racing that is currently being missed in America, that could and should be introduced, that fills a void and could be used as a stepping stone,(bunny hill) for the type of motocross races that are currently held in America.

currently used is 50cc, 65cc, 85cc, Super mini, 250f, 450f , and sometimes 125cc .

The different forms that we are not currently utilizing which I truly believe could help bring tens of thousands of people into the sport of motocross, and lead to selling millions of dollars more worth of bikes and gear plus parts and modifications is Mini Mx,

Racing on small mellow forms of bikes such as KAWASAKI KLX110, and klx140, and HONDA CRF110, CRF125f, CRF150f.

It would be great if the factories would make racing versions of these bikes! And if there was organized racing for them.

what would be perfect is a crf150r chassis with a crf150f motor.

And other Similar small easy to ride 4 stroke dirt bikes these bikes are both easy to ride and maintain, this form of Racing is virtually absent here in the USA, there is currently not but should be smaller tracks made just for racing these type of bikes, and also just some turn tracks to learn on and to race on with no jumps at all.

these smaller tracks could and should be located within the suburbs of larger cities or just outside the cities but could be closer than most tracks currently are, They don't take up as much space they wouldn’t need to be nearly as big as current tracks which average 1 mile in length typically, the tracks for these mellow dirt bikes could be closer to the size of a BMX bicycle track. Up to the size of a current supercross track, These tracks should be in every major city and state of the USA, and they should have their own organized racing and point’s series. This is a fun much safer and Much less expensive route into the sport of MX. I Can totally picture this And I am really kind of shocked that it is being missed.

It will take a proper introduction

and a nationwide campaign. and people will need to be shown examples of tracks and given rules and systems to follow and we need to form this type of racing And create the model, But I truly believe this would explode in a BIG WAY. In the suburbs of American cities if properly introduced, and could bring thousands of new members to the AMA, and thousands of new people to the current form of MX because as people gain experience and confidence it will be a natural progression to want to move from the mellower bikes to faster bikes and to bigger tracks and jumps etc. thus bringing a much needed influx of people and money into the sport of MX And to the future of motorcycle sales in general.

Bringing an organized focus to growing the sport of motocross

I am working on a passion project that's about ways to grow the sport of motocross.

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